About Us

Dethtrap Survival was born out of a simple Knife Website called The Ace of Blades.
Taking it one step farther, we now are your source for Survival and Prepper Supplies.
With everything that is going on in the world today it is no wonder there is such a
demand for these products. From North Korean missiles to the tension in the
middle east, from the possibility of an out of control pathogen to a rogue meteor
strike, from a super volcano eruption to a mega-solar flare our society seems so fragile.
Who would not want to be as ready as they can.
I would like to say we are working from these bunkers...
Survival Bunkers

But we are actually operating out of Florida, so that is our story and now you know
where to get all of the Survival Products you need. If you need to ask a question
you can use our Contact Us form or you can call us at 727-954-0256
Well bye for now from Florida...

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